Old Mario Games

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New Mario Games


Name anyone who didn’t care for games like Mario Brothers, Super Mario World, Mario Kart, as well as older games like  LodeRunner, Donkey Kong, Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Country and other items.

Games  such as these are decades old now, but we’re still downloading them frantically onto Wii and PC.

Mario Game Downloads started out as a way to download and play the old Mario Games online but we’ve come to realize that people are looking for a lot more of those older games. We’ve been scouring the online world to find them. Free legal downloads of older games and low priced one time games that you can play.  

We’ve found some amazing remakes of the old Sierra games that are free of charge and some awesome Mario and Donkey Kong flash games as well as DOSBox downloads of older games that can be played on the PC.

From the mid to latter part of the seventies, Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and other video games literally dominated the market. Some of those games are now out on PC, so you can play mario games online and have been revamped so that you can use them for your personal computer.

They have been redone to be used on Wii, and many of them are the actual and original games that you played on Super Nintendo and other fun systems. Some include some better graphics, some more integrated gaming and even to add voice to some of them. You simply won’t find better games on the market today, no matter what kind of shoot-em-up video games or PC games that you may get.

Video games have evolved a lot since the first one climbed out of the primordial goo in 1958. The first was actually played on an oscilloscope. Years later, there was Pong and Asteroids.

 No characters, no talking. These days, however, players demand realism, and you can’t have realism without video game voices,and great graphics, no matter what anyone tells you.

When a character is hit, you can’t expect him to just take it silently. Where’s the fun in that? Whether you are the one being hit or doing the hitting, hearing that “Oomph!” right afterwards is satisfying. It makes you think that something’s at stake. That’s where video game voices come in.

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