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Who didn’t love those old video games?


Name anyone who didn’t care for things like Mario Brothers, Super Mario World, Mario Kart, as well as things like  LodeRunner, Donkey Kong, Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Country and other items.

Games  such as these which are literally decades old now, but anyone who doesn’t like them.. was probably  someone who was never a child.


 Game Ninja Mario Games – Mario Kart Source – Mario Kart 3ds

From the mid to latter part of the seventies, Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and other video games literally dominated the market. Some of those games are now out on PC, so you can play mario games online and have been revamped so that you can use them for your personal computer.

They have been redone to be used on Wii, and many of them are the actual and original games that you played on Super Nintendo and other fun systems. Some include some better graphics, some more integrated gaming and even to add voice to some of them. You simply won’t find better games on the market today, no matter what kind of shoot-em-up video games or PC games that you may get.

That is, Unless You Are Buying NEW Mario Brothers Games!!

Thankfully, Wii is making Super Mario World all over again. It’s got better graphics, amazing action and fun things to do.  You can buy the new Super Mario Brothers game for your Wii, or you can buy the games for your PC or your laptop.

You can also download some Mario Games entirely free!!!

Moreover, Mario Brothers games are now available to play in flash.

Older games are also available in remakes from other companies who have purchased the rights, or entered into an agreement with the company in question to reproduce the games for you to give you a great experience in gaming and the ability to experience the old games in a new setting. Kids today -well, adults too-are fortunate to have great color, great graphic cards, great speeds and the means to push their computer a little harder. One of the most popular sets of games of all time were the Sierrra Kings Quest games.

Tierra has redone two of those role play or adventure games so that those who have the PC can play them in newer and better graphic mode and see a fantastic old game which has been updated to be part of today’s world. The best part of all is that there are cheats, walk thoughs and even maps online to help you play the newer versions of these classic games.

One company has literally remade every version of the Kings Quest games so that you can download the entire package onto your PC and play them all. This company has essentially reworked only the games so that they will play on your PC. The original blocky graphics are still part of that experience. If you’re more into a smoother graphic experience then you’re going to be more prone to purchase or to download the games which are updated graphically as well as to fit into your operating system, but if you’d like that original experience, you can find the Sierra games updated for your personal computer and you won’t even need to use them with a DOSBOX or other type of software to make them operate.

To those who are still in love with the older games and want to spend some quality time in yesterdays gaming world, download the older versions online or for your Wii!!, Many have been updated for your personal PC and  those old games can give your kids the experience of YOUR lifetime.

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 Game Ninja Mario Games – Mario Kart Source – Mario Kart 3ds
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