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A Little Mario History

Super Mario Bros 2 was one of the first of the Super Mario Brothers games. It was released in 1988 and was based on a game that was known in Japan as DOKI DOKI Panic. The name was supposed to imitate a rapidly beating heart, translating into a panicked feeling. The small character was known as Jumpman.
The game wasn’t really one that was an immediate hit. In fact, Nintendo in the United States wasn’t doing really well financially. They were in rented space and probably not making a lot of money.

The offices in The United States Nintendo had a landlord, as they were leased. The landlords name was Mario Seagale. Nintendo was undergoing some issues with finances in the latter part of the 80s and Mario Seagale, according to the experts, paid a call on them, angry about his late rent payment. After his visit to Nintendo to collect the rent, the character officially became known as Mario, probably named after the angry landlord.

All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.

One very very rare version of the Super Mario Brothers is a version that was only released in Japan. It was based on a Japanese radio show that was called All Night Nippon. The game was released n Japan for a Disk system which was known as Famicon and it was a promotional version that was only given away as 1986.

The creators of the game altered the look and feeel of the different aspects of the game. They make the characters look very much like recording artists of Japan, as well as musical idols and even famous DJs in order to get a new look to the game. The mushrooms and even the enemies looked different than they normally did.

In addition, they upgraded the graphics and added new levels to the game, called the lost levels. The game was published by Fuji and it was later modified to create the Super Mario Brothers games that we in the United States are playing today.

 Super Mario Brothers Special Edition

Released by Hudson Soft for the NEC PC, This game too was only released in japan. It has much the same graphics and controls, but there are multiple new game levels and they will differ entirely based on the kind of computer that you have. In fact, there are also brand new enemies, including some that came from the original Mario brothers and others that actually came from the Donkey Kong game. The enemies, the gaming methods and a few other things were changed too, in order to make the game much more unique for players.

The game also hits harder and plays at a faster speed, so the timer will actually run out a lot more quickly than the normal Super Mario games. The Sharp version has a speed that is a bit closer to the actual game original. Neither one of these first two versions has a two player way to play and neither one actually features Luigi along with Mario.

Super Mario All Stars Game.

After the Mario games had been released and were seen to be a massive hit, Nintendo continued to make them. In 1993 Nintendo came up with another new release that was designed to be as big a hit as it was a combination of all of the others. It was called SNES compilation and was titled Super Mario All Stars. The game was released to Nintendo as well as Famicon.

It included Super Mario Brothers, as well as having new graphics and improved sound that was designed to match up well with the new 16 bit capacity of Nintendo. It also offered new features, such as the ability to play Luigi prior to the death of Mario in the game. You could switch the players back and forth and many of the players liked this method so well that Nintendo kept the ability in the newer games going forward.

IT had something else that nearly everyone loved. It offered you the ability to save your game going forward so that you did not have to begin from scratch each game, which was something Nintendo had not offered in Mario prior to that point. Super Mario had officially arrived.