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A Little Mario History

Super Mario Bros 2 was one of the first of the Super Mario Brothers games. It was released in 1988 and was based on a game that was known in Japan as DOKI DOKI Panic. The name was supposed to imitate a rapidly beating heart, translating into a panicked feeling. The small character was known as Jumpman.
The game wasn’t really one that was an immediate hit. In fact, Nintendo in the United States wasn’t doing really well financially. They were in rented space and probably not making a lot of money.

The offices in The United States Nintendo had a landlord, as they were leased. The landlords name was Mario Seagale. Nintendo was undergoing some issues with finances in the latter part of the 80s and Mario Seagale, according to the experts, paid a call on them, angry about his late rent payment. After his visit to Nintendo to collect the rent, the character officially became known as Mario, probably named after the angry landlord.

All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.

One very very rare version of the Super Mario Brothers is a version that was only released in Japan. It was based on a Japanese radio show that was called All Night Nippon. The game was released n Japan for a Disk system which was known as Famicon and it was a promotional version that was only given away as 1986.

The creators of the game altered the look and feeel of the different aspects of the game. They make the characters look very much like recording artists of Japan, as well as musical idols and even famous DJs in order to get a new look to the game. The mushrooms and even the enemies looked different than they normally did.

In addition, they upgraded the graphics and added new levels to the game, called the lost levels. The game was published by Fuji and it was later modified to create the Super Mario Brothers games that we in the United States are playing today.

 Super Mario Brothers Special Edition

Released by Hudson Soft for the NEC PC, This game too was only released in japan. It has much the same graphics and controls, but there are multiple new game levels and they will differ entirely based on the kind of computer that you have. In fact, there are also brand new enemies, including some that came from the original Mario brothers and others that actually came from the Donkey Kong game. The enemies, the gaming methods and a few other things were changed too, in order to make the game much more unique for players.

The game also hits harder and plays at a faster speed, so the timer will actually run out a lot more quickly than the normal Super Mario games. The Sharp version has a speed that is a bit closer to the actual game original. Neither one of these first two versions has a two player way to play and neither one actually features Luigi along with Mario.

Super Mario All Stars Game.

After the Mario games had been released and were seen to be a massive hit, Nintendo continued to make them. In 1993 Nintendo came up with another new release that was designed to be as big a hit as it was a combination of all of the others. It was called SNES compilation and was titled Super Mario All Stars. The game was released to Nintendo as well as Famicon.

It included Super Mario Brothers, as well as having new graphics and improved sound that was designed to match up well with the new 16 bit capacity of Nintendo. It also offered new features, such as the ability to play Luigi prior to the death of Mario in the game. You could switch the players back and forth and many of the players liked this method so well that Nintendo kept the ability in the newer games going forward.

IT had something else that nearly everyone loved. It offered you the ability to save your game going forward so that you did not have to begin from scratch each game, which was something Nintendo had not offered in Mario prior to that point. Super Mario had officially arrived.

Diablo 3-Another Level in Online Gaming

One of the top fighting games on the market is Diablo 3. The game has just been around since 1996 in the beginning. You’re hoping to preserve the world from the devil and his minions so that humanity is safe.

It has been around 20 years since Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal have roamed sanctuary, leaving a path of ruins and enslaving all of humanity they encountered. Now it is years later and Deckard Cain is returning to the ruins because it is his feeling that Diablo has arisen one last time.

While searching, a stray meteor hits Deckard, in the precise spot where Diablo rose 20 years prior. It sinks through to the underworld, to set the resurrection of Diablo. The game controls are set the same as the previous game, and they are unproblematic to use for beginners or old fans.

Five characters begin alike, with the same kind of power, but they begin to change as they check in at a higher level and they each get different skills as they grow. It is very straight forward to garner loot in the game and in a lot of cases you’re collecting money just for walking around different areas and in a quantity of cases you get loot and level up rather readily.

The skill points you acquire can be reused in a different ways. If you want to, you can replay the game on a different difficulty; This changes the foes, gives you new ones, and of course changes the difficulty of the play. This game also comes with an addicting online play, so you and your friends can defeat Diablo as a squad. All foes, however, are harder to kill in multiplayer. This is a great fighter/slasher game and a must have for fans of this genre. Our Diablo 3 Reviews and each one that we’ve read tell us that Diablo 3 is just as impressive as the original and just as addictive for players. Diablo 3 Reviews


Your Favorite Mario Game Downloads

Super Mario Brothers and some of your other favorite Mario Game downloads that were developed years ago by the Mario team were all time favorites. These games are still available for those who are interested in playing them. Mario game items can be downloaded from various online venues. You can find Mario game paid downloads from different gaming sites around the internet. Mario games are available for you at venues such as PC gaming sites. Most people aren’t aware that you can get Mario games for your PC.

The Super Mario brothers gaming items are also available to play on your Wii. You have the opportunity to purchase Super Mario World, Mario Brothers and even the brand new Mario World for Wii by downloading them online using paid download sites. Wii paid Mario game downloads can be found on the Wii online pages. Simply turn on your Wii and go to the game store where you can find downloads of many of those old games. Up for grabs on the Wii gaming pages are the older games that you use to use with Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Atari and quite a few of the game systems that we all loved and played as kids.

In keeping with those older games, you can also find them online. Abandonware games are available that you can use with things like DosBOx, while updated game versions are available for download for a small price. The downloads that you purchase are also supported in many cases. Sites like Softendo and Amazon permit you to buy Mario games as a paid download. Your Mario titles are virtually unlimited. If you’ve been Mario game fan your entire life, here is your chance to get Mario games for a lower price and be able to play them on your PC or your laptop. In most cases, you’re not going to have to install any additional software since these games have been revamped for use on your computer.

The means to use them for personal computer is built in and the graphics have also been changed to use the newer and more modern graphics cards.

Mario game paid downloads can be found on virtually any internet site. Be careful where you go to download them, as some sites are not paying the requisite payments and the downloads from those sites may not be strictly legal. You do want to be sure that you get some type of support for your Mario game downloads. If you’ve got any issues in the set up or download and your game was purchased from a site which is not reputable, you’re going to have problems with getting the help that you need to fix that.


In The Beginning…

games imageIn the beginning, gaming was without form.. no wait.. It had form, but that form was given it by line drawing and the graphics were not the type of graphics that one might expect from the video games today. The kind of graphics that make you look twice and be impressed by them were not popular, in fact were not even possible until the middle portion of the eighties but, that didn’t stop us from loving the video gaming. Outdoors was the only real entertainment. Movies didn’t have all those special effects that were just entering into play. They were far less exciting or entertaining than they are now. Today’s video gaming is exciting and interesting but it wasn’t always the case. The popularity of it can by and large be chalked up to the fact that there was simply nothing like it. Video games had arrived and they were unique and new and exciting. You could enjoy a tank battle or table tennis on your television. Where else could you shoot missiles at another person in the comfort of your living room? Video games were the wave of the future and everyone who was anyone, was riding the wave.

Video gaming was something that was new and exciting and it was giving the world something to do. It gained in popularity, those older games that were developed during that early decade being part of the dawn of video games. They were the new generation of entertainment, the new methods of proving your intellect.. They were computers and they were the future.

New consoles as well as computers were coming on board. Games like Nintendo and Super Nintendo came into play and the world was hooked on the video game, the computer and living out a whole new world. Entertainment was still in front of the television in some cases, but a lot of it these days was video gaming. Dire predictions about the addiction to gaming and video games causing horrific new mental disease were the order of the day.

Gaming never lost its popularity. It’s become more and more popular as time as rolled along. These days, World of Warcraft, Unreal Tournament and even more gaming opportunities have come along. The vast array of gaming opportunities stretch from state of the art computer age, back to those original games which were played way back when. Gaming has a long and a distinguished history, and it looks like it’s here to stay…

Today those early computer games, far from being forgotten, have literally a cult-like following. They are something that is collected, wildly speculated, and completely loved. The games of today look to be even more so. They are games which are at this moment being collected as ardently as those of the 70s and 80s were collected.

History Of Gaming

The History of Gaming – From Arcades to Wii

The Beginning of video games was a long time before those actual systems came out that we all went a bit bonkers over. The first type of video game was a cathode ray tube that permitted people to play on their television using paper targets. Needless to say it wasn’t a vast hit, but it did make an impression on a few people who determined they’d like to make it better. The seventies rolled around, and gaming was everywhere. Atari was just coming out and it was having a field day. It wasn’t until the early portions of the 80s however that the golden age of video gaming took place. The mid 80s began with some vast technological changes that gave the video game companies something to work with. They wasted no time in making sure that they got into the pocket of the American public.

The 80s saw some of the most innovative and interesting games being developed and the defining qualities and genres were determined in those first few years. Games like Lode Runner Zork Mystery House Kings Quest Adventure, quests, brand new systems and new styles of graphics were coming into play. Roberta Williams and Sierra were the new company to beat. Graphics–well those were primarily monochrome style drawings in the beginning. You typed in commands, the mouse was literally non-existent and people loved it. Living other lives and entering into quests and adventures was the order of the day and no one didn’t play some type of video game.

Mystery House, designed in 1980 was a game that was wildly popular in its day. It too was simple line drawn graphics and you typed in the commands that you needed to give it and the entire world was amazed. The nineties rolled around and those games which were popular in the 80s were considered to be out of date and out of style. The new order of gaming was the BBS, the Mudd and the life action RP in a chat room. Companies such as Webchat Broadcasting, Rooms such as the Nia’s Tavern and the Realm of Elahrair were the video games of the nineties, and online gaming was born. Video games were no longer only small consoles but the entire world was playing and it was getting more popular than ever before.

Gaming moved forward into vast new realms. World of Warcraft, Strange new games, new methods of gaming, online communities that permitted literally thousands of people to game together were just the beginning. Gaming where you can define your realm, select your partners, choose your weaponry and the groups that you fight against are now part of the present day gaming and the future looks even more interesting.

Wii gaming communities and Wii games which are now controlled by the movements of the body are rapidly approaching and they look as interesting and innovative to us as the simple Atari games looked to those who were viewing the first video games of the seventies.

Mario Game Mania

Did you Participate in Mario Game Mania?

Who wasn’t a fan of the Mario game mania? For those who were accustomed to video gaming from the 80s onward, the Mario games were an amazing way to pass your time and to have a good time doing it. Thousands of dire predictions emerged in the 80s and 90s telling us that Mario was offering we and our children gratuitous violence and mindless entertainment. Yet it continues to be popular and in reality, has seemed to offer no real damage to the minds or hearts of our kids. Mario first appears as a paid game in the latter prt of the 80s and the early 90s. He was the hero of the realm, saving the Princess Toadstool from all manner of evil creatures and offering us the chance to be the super hero and save the beauty from the bad guys.

Today that chance has returned in the guise of new Wii games for purchase, new online Mario game adventures and paid downloads for Mario, as well as the chance to buy all of the Mario games for our PC as well as our Wii. In fact many of those older games that we all loved are now coming back to us by virtue of the online gaming systems. You can not only download Mario games for your Wii to play in the new game systems, but you can also go to several great download venues and download them to play on your personal computer.

Graphics have been updated and upgraded, while the operating systems used now are the more modern ones such as MAC and Windows. This means that a whole new generation of kids can enjoy Mario just as their parents did. Online Mario paid downloads are also available in sites that offer you the chance to download multiple games for a given monthly membership site. This means that for a set fee, you can get a great many of those old games, including Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Mario Brothers and a lot more.

f you’ve ever been a fan of the Mario brothers adventures, you’re going to want to check out the old and the new Mario adventures. Paid game downloads of Mario Brothers and Mario adventures give you a chance to step back in time and relive the wonder of those first video games that seems blocky, choppy, a bit hard to see… and nothing short of a wondrous adventure for a world who was experiencing video game play for the first time.

Get back into Super Mario, or drive the speeding carts to beat out the bad guys with all new Paid downloads of Mario games. See what you’ve been missing.

Have fun with Super Mario Brothers 3

Super Mario Brothers 3 is a classic kid’s Mario Games product that works on Nintendo’s original game console. If you want to play this fun game then you need some Mario games info about the rules and other facts.

The object of Super Mario Brothers 3 is to travel through all seven of the Mushroom worlds and as you go through each one you have to bveat the Koopalings. Then, Mario has to go to Bowser’s world and save the Princess Toadstool.

Super Mario Brothers 3 Gameplay

You can play this game on the original Nintendo or choose to play Mario games online at several websites. During this game the player has to do things like attack enemies, jump over obstacles, and collect prize coins. It came out back in October 1988, so it is one of the oldest Mario games. Later, it was re-released to work in other versions of Nintendo such as the N64 Mario. It has even been released on hand held mini Mario games to play on the road.

One or two players can play this example of kids Mario games depending on the settings you have chosen. You can choose which of the eight worlds to start off in and may not have to do them in order. Mario is controlled via the Nintendo game console controller. He has to do things like jump, fly or break items or fight bad guys. He can also pick up things like the game coins, shoot fire balls and run or walk.

Each World Has A Theme to Play Out

Mario games info will tell you that each of the worlds in the game have their own theme. Each theme will help you to figure out what to do in that level. Two of these themes are a desert land and a pipe land. In all of the levels you fight a Koopaling and try to get his magic wand to win the level.

Mario also must get more power from time to time and can do this through the “super leaf” or the “fire flower.” There is also a frog suit that will help him swim and a hammer suit which gives him the power to throw hammers at the bad guys. This Mario games info is very useful to help you win this example of kids Mario games.

Each level also has a mini fortress and you can beat the Boom Boom Koopa there by jumping on him three times to win. Then, you can do the same thing to the Koopaling and you win the wand to fix the king in that level back to normal.  That takes you to the next level. One special tip is that if you get a magic whistle you can also bypass worlds by using the warp zone.

How to Win the Game

In order to finish and win the Super Mario Brothers 3 game, Mario games info shows us that you have to beat the Koopaling in the seventh world and then while Bowser jumps on the floor Mario has to dodge him until he ends up making a hole that he eventually falls through, thus ending the game and making you the winner.

The bottom line is that even though this is one of the older kids Mario games, it is still fun and worthwhile to find a way to play Mario games online and choose this classic in the Mario Brothers series.

Super Mario Brothers 3 – Mario Kart Source

Old Mario Games for Wii

Old Mario Games For Wii

We’re all crazed for Mario, Super Mario and Mario Brothers. Now we can find old Mario games for Wii. Not necessarily for download, Mario Games for wii can be purchased through the Wii channel on your Wii game or you can buy them on disk for use in your Wii.Old Mario Games For Wii

Super Mario games for Wii allow you to join in with Mario as he moves into a whole new dimension.Super Mario games for Wii include such fun and amusing games as Paper Mario,Mario Super Sluggers, and our personal favorite, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which is, in our humble opinion, a brand new version of an old favorite, Super Mario World. The worlds are quite literally the same, with some amazing and fun new spins on the older version as well as some great new power ups, some outstanding new features and an increased level of difficulty that makes it more fun than any other Super Mario Brothers to date.

Mario games for Wii are as much as part of the future as Mario games for Nintendo were part of our past. The Wii has come a long way, allowing us to download all of the games for older gaming systems. When you get Mario games for download on the Wii shop channel, the games that you can download include older versions of Mario games such as Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Super Mario Brothers and many others. These are available under the wii shop channel in the Super Nintendo system download area. They will typically cost between 500 wii points to around 1200 wii points.
Yes you can buy new versions of those great games, but you are also able, if you want, to buy those older versions that we love and have loved for ages. Buying Mario games for wii, or mario game downloads is as easy as searching out a website. While you’re at it. take a look at all the new cheats and hints for mario games for wii that you can find online.

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Free Mario Games

Find Free Mario Games for Download

Can’t get enough Mario? There’s plenty out there that you may not have seen yet. Free Mario games abound, from basic and one level to many different levels, you’ll have fun with everybody’s favorite plumber. If you’re loving every bit of free Mario action that you can find, then you’re in luck because the online downloads of the various free Mario games out there are simply amazing in their numbers. Who is not a fan of Mario and Luigi? Surf the net and find literally thousands of free Mario games and download for play on your PC or even your website.

Mario Forever: Block Party: Over 100 levels of fun, Bowser and his evil ally Kemek have a new contraption that has filled the land with magic blocks. Your objective is to steer Mario to a victorious win over the wicked duo so they can’t build their evil empire. Mario Forever Flash Downloader: An altered version of the well known Super Mario Bros 3, you can play Mario Forever right next to your other online games. As with most Mario missions, your goal is to find and confront the evil Bowser through all of the enemies he attacks you with. Saving the princess is your most important goal.

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever Lost Map: Adding yet another crusade to Mario Forever, a lost map has been found and recovered. Mario is fighting against Bowser’s cronies while collecting coins. You must be sure to rescue the princess before all is said and done. Mario Forever Galaxy – Lite Verision: Mario and Luigi must follow Bowser to another planet to find and rescue the princess. There are many options, choosing your character and skills, upgrading your ship in the shop, purchasing weapons and upgrading them. In addition, there are 8 different maps and huge bosses to keep you entertained and challenged.

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever Advance: Mario Forever has already become its own classic remake. To make the original a little more challenging and entertaining, along comes Mario Forever Advance. More enemies, more checkpoints, more fun. Mario Games: Mario games is a collection of three different action games. Crushing enemies is the only way to stay safe. Taking the same exciting way of accumulating points as the original Super Mario, stomping and throwing turtle shells, the more enemies killed with one shell, the quicker the points will rack up. With only three different levels, each level requires a different tactic. The only power-ups are coins. Void of mushrooms, flowers and stars, Mario Games gives you a solid opportunity to prove yourself as the top player.

Mario Forever: A classic remake of Super Mario World. There are many different levels from lava filled to underwater. Super Mario Forever Galaxy: The sequel to Mario Forever, you now have to rescue the princess from another planet with the help of Mario’s brother, Luigi.

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