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Spelling Games for Kids

The following spelling games can be used by parents — or teachers — to reinforce spelling in children.


Play any game that is normally played with dice with the child — Monopoly, for example. The parent can continue to move her token forward in the normal way by throwing the dice, but the child must orally spell a word to move forward.

To select words that can be used, the parent can use words from the child’s schoolwork that he often misspells. She must make word cards of these words. It is best to use not fewer than 20 words and not more than 30. When playing a board game, the same 20-30 words can be used, or if the child already knows how to spell them, other words can be selected. The parent must thoroughly shuffle the word cards, and then put them in a pile upside down on the table between the two (or more) players.

When it is the child’s turn to play, the parent must take a word from the top of the pile and then say the word aloud. The child must spell the word. If the child spells the word correctly, he may move his token the same number of spaces as there are letters in the word. For example, for a word of seven letters he may move his token forward seven spaces. The word card is then put aside. If, however, he misspells the word, the parent must show the word to the child, and the child must spell the word aloud three times while looking at the word, and then three times without looking at it. Then the word is put at the bottom of the pile, so that it will come up again later. If the child misspells a word, he may also not move his token for that turn.


Use the letters of a particular word, and build new words with these letters. For example, if one decides to use the word “difficulty,” one would write this word on a piece of paper and put it in front of the child.

The aim of the game is that the child must make a list of all the words he can think of using only the letters of the chosen word. It can also be played as a competition, meaning the parent can play it with the child, and at the end, the one with the largest number of correctly spelled words, wins.

There are always many words that can be formed in this way, and in an indirect manner the spelling of the chosen word is practiced, while many other words are also tested for spelling. A few examples of words that can be formed from the letters of “difficulty” are: if, left, cult, cliff, fifty, duty, etc.

Note that each letter may be used once only. The letter f appears twice in the word “difficulty,” and therefore a word like “fifty” is acceptable. “Dull,” however, is not acceptable.

Some examples of words to be used: alphabetical; misunderstanding; occasionally; postponement; mayonnaise; multimillionaire; credibility; determination; education; friendship; generosity; hippopotamus.


Another interesting method of practicing spelling is by making word jumbles. The child then has to sort out the confused letters to come up with a word, which he has been taught before.

Words must be selected from the child’s schoolwork. Use a piece of paper, and write the word jumble on the paper. For example, if the letters “hergun” are written on the paper, the child must rearrange them to form the word “hunger.”


To play this game, the parent and child will both need a piece of paper and a pencil. Write the 26 letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper, and select a letter at random. The parent and the child must now, as fast as they can, write down a name, surname, animal and town that starts with the selected letter. The one that finishes first gives the other party only 5 seconds, before shouting “Stop!” and then all pencils must be put down.

Ten points are awarded for each correctly spelled word. If both parent and child had exactly the same word under one of the headings, for example, both had the same animal, only 5 points will be awarded if the word was correctly spelled.

Say, for instance, the letter “d” was selected:
Names: Douglas, Danny, David.
Surnames: Davis.
Animals: dog, dinosaur, deer.
City/Town: Dallas, Durban.

Popular Mario Brothers Games Abound in Many Formats

Over the past few decades, many video games have become more and more popular, but one of the series that reigns supreme and is what people look for is Mario brothers games info. Mario Brothers are a series of games that have delighted people over the years with kid’s Mario games for all ages!  And you don’t have to worry about sex or nudity as your children play mini Mario games on their game console either! That’s the beauty of this popular game series.

Mario games are some of the most played and enjoyed games to the point where many even play Mario games online or may have downloaded mini Mario games for their phone. Here is a listing of some of the Mario games people have enjoyed playing the most from kid’s Mario games to ninja Mario games:

Super N64 Mario

Super N64 Mario is just about the most played of all the Mario Brothers games in existence. It was the series first game that Mario was seen cavorting around in the environment of 3-D. Since then, another popular Mario 3D game is Mario Kart 3DS.  In this game, Mario’s goal is to get through six levels and get a 100 corn star. There are 15 wacky Mario worlds and you play to win stars and save Princess Peach as you beat Bowser once again.

Super Mario Brothers Games

Here’s one of the Mario games that started the whole odyssey of Princess Peach and saving this girl from Bowser. There are four levels and eight worlds to fight in and get through the kids Mario game. This game was when Mario first got fireball power and when we first saw the characters of Toad, and Bowser.

Super Mario World

Here is yet another of the Mario games series where you have to save Princess Peach. You can pretend to be either brother: Mario or Luigi. You have to once again fight Bowser and get through all the various kooky worlds. You are also fighting not only Bowser, but the 7 koopas known as Wendy, Morton, Larry, Lemmy, Ludwig, Iggy and Roy. This kids Mario game is when the Yoshi character appeared for the first time.

Mario Party 3

Yet another in the popular Mario games series is Mario Party 3. Here, you get to combine a love of video games and board games as you choose four Mario games characters and a board game for them to play. The player whose character wins the most coins will get a star and the total winner is determined by how many starts that you earn. Mario games never seem to lose their appeal and this one is no different!

All in all, Mario games from kid’s Mario games to ninja Mario games have and always will make video game players have fun and enjoy playing them for decades more to come!



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Old Mario Games for Wii

Old Mario Games For Wii

We’re all crazed for Mario, Super Mario and Mario Brothers. Now we can find old Mario games for Wii. Not necessarily for download, Mario Games for wii can be purchased through the Wii channel on your Wii game or you can buy them on disk for use in your Wii.Old Mario Games For Wii

Super Mario games for Wii allow you to join in with Mario as he moves into a whole new dimension.Super Mario games for Wii include such fun and amusing games as Paper Mario,Mario Super Sluggers, and our personal favorite, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which is, in our humble opinion, a brand new version of an old favorite, Super Mario World. The worlds are quite literally the same, with some amazing and fun new spins on the older version as well as some great new power ups, some outstanding new features and an increased level of difficulty that makes it more fun than any other Super Mario Brothers to date.

Mario games for Wii are as much as part of the future as Mario games for Nintendo were part of our past. The Wii has come a long way, allowing us to download all of the games for older gaming systems. When you get Mario games for download on the Wii shop channel, the games that you can download include older versions of Mario games such as Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Super Mario Brothers and many others. These are available under the wii shop channel in the Super Nintendo system download area. They will typically cost between 500 wii points to around 1200 wii points.
Yes you can buy new versions of those great games, but you are also able, if you want, to buy those older versions that we love and have loved for ages. Buying Mario games for wii, or mario game downloads is as easy as searching out a website. While you’re at it. take a look at all the new cheats and hints for mario games for wii that you can find online.

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New Mario Games 2011 – New Mario Games 2012

New Mario Game Downloads

Download a New Mario Game for Your Computer

Mario fans , hold on to your hats. Free, for your playing pleasure, you can have fun with Mario, Luigi and the rest of the gang you already know and love right from your home computer by either downloading or playing the flash versions online. Mario Coloring: Mario Coloring offers you the opportunity to use crayons to paint Mario and Luigi as many different colors as you’d like. Have fun trying to make the characters look exactly as you remember them, or create some outrageous versions of your favorite plumbers. Mario Sunshine: Mario Sunshine is a fun online Super Mario game. There are many different levels in Mushroom Kingdom for you to explore while collecting bonuses and power ups that enhance Mario’s size and abilities.

Mario S Journal 1.0: Jumping on small blocks and around enemies trying to get to the exit and finish the level. Keeping Mario alive for as long as possible is your main goal. Tuper Tario Tros: A pretty neat combination of Tetris and Super Mario Bros you can play online. Pressing the spacebar will switch you between the two versions, but playing Tetris with Mario’s blocks can be quite interesting. Super Mario Mahjong: Mario Mahjong allows you to play the classic game of Mahjong online, except you’ll be looking for matching Mario characters instead of the dreadful designs of classic Mahjong.

Super Mario Match: Once again your favorite Mario items forced into a puzzle where you have to quickly move and clear symbols using your mouse. Super Mario Minor: Mario is stuck in a hazardous cave. Your goal is to move Mario through the cave while collecting gems and gold and also being sure to stay away from rocks and other obstacles. Super Mario Mni: Venture through different levels of Mario World while collecting coins. Your end goal is reaching the always evil Bowser.

Super Mario Woombie: Super Mario Woombie allows you to edit the well known graphics of Super Mario Brothers. Super Mario Spot the Difference: A minor game where you objective to find the differences between two Mario themed pictures. Something is always different, but they aren’t always easy to spot. Super Mario Luigi Pong: Two classic games clash for a pong game using Mario and Luigi as your bats. The two brothers hit the ball back and forth, either in 2-player or 1 vs computer mode.

Super Mario Crossover: Paying homage to the classic Nintendo Entertainment System characters, anyone who grew up on NES will have a blast playing Super Mario Brothers with characters from Contra, Castlevania, Megaman and many others. Super Mario Bouncer: Bounce Mario’s head through levels while collecting mushrooms. Super Mario Booble Boom: Use Mario to jump over enemies and get extra bonuses bouncing across the playground.


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