DosBox-What it Is, What it Does, How to Install it?

DosBoxDosbox is an emulator. What that means is that Dosbox actually takes the form of the DOS operating system on your Windows PC. That allows you to  play games that were made for older computer systems and to do so on your Windows PC or laptop. The reason that is awesome is that some of the best of the very old DOS games were abandoned and can now be downloaded for you to play, but you’re not going to be able to use them without DosBox.

According to the DOSBOX Project “DOSBox is an emulator that recreates a MS-DOS compatible environment (complete with Sound, Input, Graphics and even basic networking). This environment is complete enough to run many classic MS-DOS games completely unmodified. In order to utilize all of DOSBox’s features you need to first understand some basic concepts about the MS-DOS environment. ”

The very best explanation of how to use Dosbox and what it does is actually already written and well laid out on the Dosbox project on Sourceforge. Rather than reprise something we probably can’t do any better, we’ll refer you to two different websites in order to allow you to read that explanation and another link that goes to the actual Dosbox wiki on SourceForge so that you can download Dosbox and get started.Those things will help you to get Dosbox installed and configured and allow you to play not only Mario games on your pc but also some really incredible old and newer games that are no longer being kept up or are abandoned.

Once you’ve added and configured your Dosbox, and tested it for operation, you’ll be able to play a lot of the older VGA games and use some of the additional old downloads of Mario games that we  and several others great websites are adding for you to use.

Check out this super DOSBOX INSTALLATION instruction and then go here to DOWNLOAD DOSBOX

Once you’ve done those things, pay us a visit and we’ll be happy to offer you some VGA Mario game downloads that you can add legally to your computer and play some of those original old Mario games that we all loved.

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