In The Beginning…

games imageIn the beginning, gaming was without form.. no wait.. It had form, but that form was given it by line drawing and the graphics were not the type of graphics that one might expect from the video games today. The kind of graphics that make you look twice and be impressed by them were not popular, in fact were not even possible until the middle portion of the eighties but, that didn’t stop us from loving the video gaming. Outdoors was the only real entertainment. Movies didn’t have all those special effects that were just entering into play. They were far less exciting or entertaining than they are now. Today’s video gaming is exciting and interesting but it wasn’t always the case. The popularity of it can by and large be chalked up to the fact that there was simply nothing like it. Video games had arrived and they were unique and new and exciting. You could enjoy a tank battle or table tennis on your television. Where else could you shoot missiles at another person in the comfort of your living room? Video games were the wave of the future and everyone who was anyone, was riding the wave.

Video gaming was something that was new and exciting and it was giving the world something to do. It gained in popularity, those older games that were developed during that early decade being part of the dawn of video games. They were the new generation of entertainment, the new methods of proving your intellect.. They were computers and they were the future.

New consoles as well as computers were coming on board. Games like Nintendo and Super Nintendo came into play and the world was hooked on the video game, the computer and living out a whole new world. Entertainment was still in front of the television in some cases, but a lot of it these days was video gaming. Dire predictions about the addiction to gaming and video games causing horrific new mental disease were the order of the day.

Gaming never lost its popularity. It’s become more and more popular as time as rolled along. These days, World of Warcraft, Unreal Tournament and even more gaming opportunities have come along. The vast array of gaming opportunities stretch from state of the art computer age, back to those original games which were played way back when. Gaming has a long and a distinguished history, and it looks like it’s here to stay…

Today those early computer games, far from being forgotten, have literally a cult-like following. They are something that is collected, wildly speculated, and completely loved. The games of today look to be even more so. They are games which are at this moment being collected as ardently as those of the 70s and 80s were collected.

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