Mario Game Mania

Did you Participate in Mario Game Mania?

Who wasn’t a fan of the Mario game mania? For those who were accustomed to video gaming from the 80s onward, the Mario games were an amazing way to pass your time and to have a good time doing it. Thousands of dire predictions emerged in the 80s and 90s telling us that Mario was offering we and our children gratuitous violence and mindless entertainment. Yet it continues to be popular and in reality, has seemed to offer no real damage to the minds or hearts of our kids. Mario first appears as a paid game in the latter prt of the 80s and the early 90s. He was the hero of the realm, saving the Princess Toadstool from all manner of evil creatures and offering us the chance to be the super hero and save the beauty from the bad guys.

Today that chance has returned in the guise of new Wii games for purchase, new online Mario game adventures and paid downloads for Mario, as well as the chance to buy all of the Mario games for our PC as well as our Wii. In fact many of those older games that we all loved are now coming back to us by virtue of the online gaming systems. You can not only download Mario games for your Wii to play in the new game systems, but you can also go to several great download venues and download them to play on your personal computer.

Graphics have been updated and upgraded, while the operating systems used now are the more modern ones such as MAC and Windows. This means that a whole new generation of kids can enjoy Mario just as their parents did. Online Mario paid downloads are also available in sites that offer you the chance to download multiple games for a given monthly membership site. This means that for a set fee, you can get a great many of those old games, including Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Mario Brothers and a lot more.

f you’ve ever been a fan of the Mario brothers adventures, you’re going to want to check out the old and the new Mario adventures. Paid game downloads of Mario Brothers and Mario adventures give you a chance to step back in time and relive the wonder of those first video games that seems blocky, choppy, a bit hard to see… and nothing short of a wondrous adventure for a world who was experiencing video game play for the first time.

Get back into Super Mario, or drive the speeding carts to beat out the bad guys with all new Paid downloads of Mario games. See what you’ve been missing.

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