The Most Famous Video Game Character Ever?

nintendo-371171-mEver wondered how many games Mario has been in? If you’re here on Mario Game Download then you already know that Mario is the most popular video game character on the planet. Would you be surprised to learn that the Super Mario franchise is worth over $10 billion USD? Maybe not, and especially not when you realize the sheer number of games that the character has featured in.

Most people are familiar with the classics. Games like Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Mario Kart, and Super Mario 64 are games that many of us grew up playing. Some of us even grew up and kept playing them! Not every Mario appearance is part of a high profile release, but these appearances do prove the widespread influence and power that Super Mario commands in the gaming industry.

Hotel Mario

Do you remember the Philips CD-I? Not many people do. This hybrid device incorporated elements of a game console, along with an advanced CD/Karaoke player. Nintendo rarely licenses its franchises to other companies, especially console manufacturers, but the CD-I had just one game; Hotel Mario.

NBA Street 2003

Mario playing basketball? Why not! This EA game from 2005 was released on the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox. Nintendo’s GameCube had exclusive content that allowed you to ball with Mario, Luigi, and even Princess Peach. All were playable characters.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

What happens when you combine two of the most popular video game characters of all time? This game, apparently. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was developed by SEGA, and is interesting because continued the fierce rivalry that these two characters had during the 1990s. There are playable characters from both Nintendo and Sega as you go for gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Surprised by any of the releases? In addition to these games featuring Mario, there are over 180 more. Games range from Japanese-only cell phone games, to region specific releases, and even the classics that the world loves.

If you’re ready for some Mario Game Downloads and other classic games, head to our New Mario Games or Old Mario Games sections.

A Little Mario History

Super Mario Bros 2 was one of the first of the Super Mario Brothers games. It was released in 1988 and was based on a game that was known in Japan as DOKI DOKI Panic. The name was supposed to imitate a rapidly beating heart, translating into a panicked feeling. The small character was known as Jumpman.
The game wasn’t really one that was an immediate hit. In fact, Nintendo in the United States wasn’t doing really well financially. They were in rented space and probably not making a lot of money.

The offices in The United States Nintendo had a landlord, as they were leased. The landlords name was Mario Seagale. Nintendo was undergoing some issues with finances in the latter part of the 80s and Mario Seagale, according to the experts, paid a call on them, angry about his late rent payment. After his visit to Nintendo to collect the rent, the character officially became known as Mario, probably named after the angry landlord.

All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.

One very very rare version of the Super Mario Brothers is a version that was only released in Japan. It was based on a Japanese radio show that was called All Night Nippon. The game was released n Japan for a Disk system which was known as Famicon and it was a promotional version that was only given away as 1986.

The creators of the game altered the look and feeel of the different aspects of the game. They make the characters look very much like recording artists of Japan, as well as musical idols and even famous DJs in order to get a new look to the game. The mushrooms and even the enemies looked different than they normally did.

In addition, they upgraded the graphics and added new levels to the game, called the lost levels. The game was published by Fuji and it was later modified to create the Super Mario Brothers games that we in the United States are playing today.

 Super Mario Brothers Special Edition

Released by Hudson Soft for the NEC PC, This game too was only released in japan. It has much the same graphics and controls, but there are multiple new game levels and they will differ entirely based on the kind of computer that you have. In fact, there are also brand new enemies, including some that came from the original Mario brothers and others that actually came from the Donkey Kong game. The enemies, the gaming methods and a few other things were changed too, in order to make the game much more unique for players.

The game also hits harder and plays at a faster speed, so the timer will actually run out a lot more quickly than the normal Super Mario games. The Sharp version has a speed that is a bit closer to the actual game original. Neither one of these first two versions has a two player way to play and neither one actually features Luigi along with Mario.

Super Mario All Stars Game.

After the Mario games had been released and were seen to be a massive hit, Nintendo continued to make them. In 1993 Nintendo came up with another new release that was designed to be as big a hit as it was a combination of all of the others. It was called SNES compilation and was titled Super Mario All Stars. The game was released to Nintendo as well as Famicon.

It included Super Mario Brothers, as well as having new graphics and improved sound that was designed to match up well with the new 16 bit capacity of Nintendo. It also offered new features, such as the ability to play Luigi prior to the death of Mario in the game. You could switch the players back and forth and many of the players liked this method so well that Nintendo kept the ability in the newer games going forward.

IT had something else that nearly everyone loved. It offered you the ability to save your game going forward so that you did not have to begin from scratch each game, which was something Nintendo had not offered in Mario prior to that point. Super Mario had officially arrived.

Mario Games on the Carpet

mario games onlineYou’ve had a hard day but your kids need time with you. To relax, what could be better than to snuggle down together on a plush carpet, playing Super Mario games and beating the pants off that know-it-all 12 year old?

While the 12 year old is getting ready to beat the pants off the parent, let’s think about how to choose the carpet to sit on during the game.

With so many different styles, colors and levels of quality available these days, the best advice is, regardless of your budget, get the best carpet value and underlay you can afford. By doing this, you’ll save money in the long run since the better quality the carpet is, the better it will wear and the longer it will last.

How To Determine Quality

Figuring out if the carpeting is good enough can be difficult. However one way to test its quality is to check the density of the carpet. Density is about how thick the pile is and how close the strands or fibers are. The closer the better.

Stick your fingers into the pile and rub or bend the fibers. If you can easily feel or see the mesh, pick a different carpet.

Another element in determining the quality of the carpet is the how many twists there are in a 1 inch length of fiber. The more twists, the better.

Pile density affects the way the carpet will wear, while the pile cut affects the way the carpet looks.

A plush carpet should have an overall even color and is good for a more formal look.
A “saxony cut” means the pile is cut into irregular levels, this is good for a much less formal look.
“Frieze” is a style of nubby, twisted pile that wears well, also with a more informal look to it.

Don’t Neglect the Pad

The underlay or padding has a huge influence on how long your new carpet will look good and how well it will wear, so buy the best padding you can afford. Not only does it act as a cushion that you walk on but it also cuts down on noise transfer and improves the insulating value of the carpeting.

Getting stain resistant treatment for your carpet and underlay will significantly lengthen the life of both and make cleaning up spills and stains easier.


Don’t rush the process of choosing your next carpet. It’s a major investment so taking your tine and getting to know what to look for are really important. You will see and feel the difference every time you walk, sit or lie down on your carpet.

You’ll really know the quality of what you bought when you and your kids are settled on the carpet for the Super Mario tournament and you’re losing!

Spelling Games for Kids

The following spelling games can be used by parents — or teachers — to reinforce spelling in children.


Play any game that is normally played with dice with the child — Monopoly, for example. The parent can continue to move her token forward in the normal way by throwing the dice, but the child must orally spell a word to move forward.

To select words that can be used, the parent can use words from the child’s schoolwork that he often misspells. She must make word cards of these words. It is best to use not fewer than 20 words and not more than 30. When playing a board game, the same 20-30 words can be used, or if the child already knows how to spell them, other words can be selected. The parent must thoroughly shuffle the word cards, and then put them in a pile upside down on the table between the two (or more) players.

When it is the child’s turn to play, the parent must take a word from the top of the pile and then say the word aloud. The child must spell the word. If the child spells the word correctly, he may move his token the same number of spaces as there are letters in the word. For example, for a word of seven letters he may move his token forward seven spaces. The word card is then put aside. If, however, he misspells the word, the parent must show the word to the child, and the child must spell the word aloud three times while looking at the word, and then three times without looking at it. Then the word is put at the bottom of the pile, so that it will come up again later. If the child misspells a word, he may also not move his token for that turn.


Use the letters of a particular word, and build new words with these letters. For example, if one decides to use the word “difficulty,” one would write this word on a piece of paper and put it in front of the child.

The aim of the game is that the child must make a list of all the words he can think of using only the letters of the chosen word. It can also be played as a competition, meaning the parent can play it with the child, and at the end, the one with the largest number of correctly spelled words, wins.

There are always many words that can be formed in this way, and in an indirect manner the spelling of the chosen word is practiced, while many other words are also tested for spelling. A few examples of words that can be formed from the letters of “difficulty” are: if, left, cult, cliff, fifty, duty, etc.

Note that each letter may be used once only. The letter f appears twice in the word “difficulty,” and therefore a word like “fifty” is acceptable. “Dull,” however, is not acceptable.

Some examples of words to be used: alphabetical; misunderstanding; occasionally; postponement; mayonnaise; multimillionaire; credibility; determination; education; friendship; generosity; hippopotamus.


Another interesting method of practicing spelling is by making word jumbles. The child then has to sort out the confused letters to come up with a word, which he has been taught before.

Words must be selected from the child’s schoolwork. Use a piece of paper, and write the word jumble on the paper. For example, if the letters “hergun” are written on the paper, the child must rearrange them to form the word “hunger.”


To play this game, the parent and child will both need a piece of paper and a pencil. Write the 26 letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper, and select a letter at random. The parent and the child must now, as fast as they can, write down a name, surname, animal and town that starts with the selected letter. The one that finishes first gives the other party only 5 seconds, before shouting “Stop!” and then all pencils must be put down.

Ten points are awarded for each correctly spelled word. If both parent and child had exactly the same word under one of the headings, for example, both had the same animal, only 5 points will be awarded if the word was correctly spelled.

Say, for instance, the letter “d” was selected:
Names: Douglas, Danny, David.
Surnames: Davis.
Animals: dog, dinosaur, deer.
City/Town: Dallas, Durban.

Diablo 3-Another Level in Online Gaming

One of the top fighting games on the market is Diablo 3. The game has just been around since 1996 in the beginning. You’re hoping to preserve the world from the devil and his minions so that humanity is safe.

It has been around 20 years since Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal have roamed sanctuary, leaving a path of ruins and enslaving all of humanity they encountered. Now it is years later and Deckard Cain is returning to the ruins because it is his feeling that Diablo has arisen one last time.

While searching, a stray meteor hits Deckard, in the precise spot where Diablo rose 20 years prior. It sinks through to the underworld, to set the resurrection of Diablo. The game controls are set the same as the previous game, and they are unproblematic to use for beginners or old fans.

Five characters begin alike, with the same kind of power, but they begin to change as they check in at a higher level and they each get different skills as they grow. It is very straight forward to garner loot in the game and in a lot of cases you’re collecting money just for walking around different areas and in a quantity of cases you get loot and level up rather readily.

The skill points you acquire can be reused in a different ways. If you want to, you can replay the game on a different difficulty; This changes the foes, gives you new ones, and of course changes the difficulty of the play. This game also comes with an addicting online play, so you and your friends can defeat Diablo as a squad. All foes, however, are harder to kill in multiplayer. This is a great fighter/slasher game and a must have for fans of this genre. Our Diablo 3 Reviews and each one that we’ve read tell us that Diablo 3 is just as impressive as the original and just as addictive for players. Diablo 3 Reviews


Who Plays The Old Mario Games And Where Can You Find Them?

If you played Super Mario while you were a child, you may be wondering who plays the old Mario games and where can you find them. It’s not hard to understand why that question would come to mind. Everyone loves playing Mario games. The Mario games are well crafted and have a lot of adventure it them. Mario is always on the quest to save his favorite princess.

Nintendo fashioned the character Mario which was first released in Japan. That may seem a bit funny to some since Mario is an American of Italian descent. This character has been the hero in well over 100 games with some of them being remakes, but most of them are the original versions. Along with the adventures, there are some puzzles and card games as well.

So, who plays the old Mario games and where can you find them? Well, to answer the first question is that all ages and genders enjoy playing Mario games. The answer to the second is that you may be able to find some of them for sale locally or even online, but if you don’t already have the old gaming box you may have to invest in one of those as well. Many people today get their kicks with Mario by playing online.

No longer is it necessary to hook the Nintendo computer to the TV and load it with the cartridge just to get ready to play. Now, all you have to do is go to your favorite Internet gaming site and start playing right away. The best part is that with the wide variety of games to choose from online you are sure to find everything you are looking for. That way you can bring back those long lost memories and build some new ones with the family.

If you really do want to know who plays the old Mario games and where can you find them, all you have to do is do a search online to see what you can find. Then you too can enjoy the adventures of playing in the castle, hop around tunnels, and breaking bricks the Mario way.


Mario Pipe Network Game

Mario Pipe Network GameNot by Nintendo, not even made FOR Nintendo and according to our research the Mario Pipe Network was the work of a single person. Believe it or not this was the first game they ever made. It beats the heck out of some of the professional Mario games. While the window is a bit small in this mario game download and some of the effects are a tiny bit choppy, we think you will agree this is one of the best Mario games you’ve ever played.

Download Mario Pipe Network Here.

It’s a great super Mario game and has some very nice little extras too boot, but as we said, a slightly small window. The game has about four levels and the controls are as follows.


arrows = move
Shift = jump
Game Size:

1.25 Mb

DosBox-What it Is, What it Does, How to Install it?

DosBoxDosbox is an emulator. What that means is that Dosbox actually takes the form of the DOS operating system on your Windows PC. That allows you to  play games that were made for older computer systems and to do so on your Windows PC or laptop. The reason that is awesome is that some of the best of the very old DOS games were abandoned and can now be downloaded for you to play, but you’re not going to be able to use them without DosBox.

According to the DOSBOX Project “DOSBox is an emulator that recreates a MS-DOS compatible environment (complete with Sound, Input, Graphics and even basic networking). This environment is complete enough to run many classic MS-DOS games completely unmodified. In order to utilize all of DOSBox’s features you need to first understand some basic concepts about the MS-DOS environment. ”

The very best explanation of how to use Dosbox and what it does is actually already written and well laid out on the Dosbox project on Sourceforge. Rather than reprise something we probably can’t do any better, we’ll refer you to two different websites in order to allow you to read that explanation and another link that goes to the actual Dosbox wiki on SourceForge so that you can download Dosbox and get started.Those things will help you to get Dosbox installed and configured and allow you to play not only Mario games on your pc but also some really incredible old and newer games that are no longer being kept up or are abandoned.

Once you’ve added and configured your Dosbox, and tested it for operation, you’ll be able to play a lot of the older VGA games and use some of the additional old downloads of Mario games that we  and several others great websites are adding for you to use.

Check out this super DOSBOX INSTALLATION instruction and then go here to DOWNLOAD DOSBOX

Once you’ve done those things, pay us a visit and we’ll be happy to offer you some VGA Mario game downloads that you can add legally to your computer and play some of those original old Mario games that we all loved.

Super Mario World Save Mario Download

save Mario download  Super Mario World Save Mario Download

Let Luigi or Peach try to save  Mario from a fate much worse than death in the Super Mario World Save Mario Game. Save Mario, a game by Angry Koopa, puts a new spin on the Mario World games.

Save Mario at the moment is about  six levels,  houses two bosses, and offers you a  a secret bonus game.

Bowser has taken off on vacation and he left Chuck in charge and Chuck is definitely charging. He and his ectoplasmic buddy Boo have taken charge and also… taken Mario. They kidnapped Mario and as Mario is usually our hero, who’s left to rescue him?

It’s all up to Peach and Luigi, to rescue Mario from the bad guys. Good thing Peach believes in taking matters into her own hands, because she’s not waiting around to let someone else rescue her man. Several nice levels and the entire game download is not quite three megabytes so its an easy load for you. Fast to set up and self explanatory controls which we’ve laid out for you here. DOWNLOAD SAVE MARIO GAME

Controls are as Follows:
arrows = move
X = jump
Z = shoot
F2 = restart game
F4 = full screen / windowed
Ctrl = pause
F9 = clear highscores
Backspace = load game
Enter = save game while touching Yoshi
Enter = skip intro
To enter the next level, press the Up arrow key while touching the brown double door to the next level.
Game Size:

2.48 Mb


Download Yoshi’s Jungle

Download Yoshis jungle gameYoshi’s Jungle is another of the free Mario Game downloads that are available to you online. Download Yoshi’s Jungle game and play on your own PC.

The game is under one meg, the controls are the standard arrows and space bars. The author of the game is unknown but it appears to be public domain. Nice small  Mario game download and just three short levels to the game. Yoshi’s jungle is ideal for newcomers to the gaming world or for younger children who love Yoshi.

Download Yoshis Jungle Game