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Download a New Mario Game for Your Computer

Mario fans , hold on to your hats. Free, for your playing pleasure, you can have fun with Mario, Luigi and the rest of the gang you already know and love right from your home computer by either downloading or playing the flash versions online. Mario Coloring: Mario Coloring offers you the opportunity to use crayons to paint Mario and Luigi as many different colors as you’d like. Have fun trying to make the characters look exactly as you remember them, or create some outrageous versions of your favorite plumbers. Mario Sunshine: Mario Sunshine is a fun online Super Mario game. There are many different levels in Mushroom Kingdom for you to explore while collecting bonuses and power ups that enhance Mario’s size and abilities.

Mario S Journal 1.0: Jumping on small blocks and around enemies trying to get to the exit and finish the level. Keeping Mario alive for as long as possible is your main goal. Tuper Tario Tros: A pretty neat combination of Tetris and Super Mario Bros you can play online. Pressing the spacebar will switch you between the two versions, but playing Tetris with Mario’s blocks can be quite interesting. Super Mario Mahjong: Mario Mahjong allows you to play the classic game of Mahjong online, except you’ll be looking for matching Mario characters instead of the dreadful designs of classic Mahjong.

Super Mario Match: Once again your favorite Mario items forced into a puzzle where you have to quickly move and clear symbols using your mouse. Super Mario Minor: Mario is stuck in a hazardous cave. Your goal is to move Mario through the cave while collecting gems and gold and also being sure to stay away from rocks and other obstacles. Super Mario Mni: Venture through different levels of Mario World while collecting coins. Your end goal is reaching the always evil Bowser.

Super Mario Woombie: Super Mario Woombie allows you to edit the well known graphics of Super Mario Brothers. Super Mario Spot the Difference: A minor game where you objective to find the differences between two Mario themed pictures. Something is always different, but they aren’t always easy to spot. Super Mario Luigi Pong: Two classic games clash for a pong game using Mario and Luigi as your bats. The two brothers hit the ball back and forth, either in 2-player or 1 vs computer mode.

Super Mario Crossover: Paying homage to the classic Nintendo Entertainment System characters, anyone who grew up on NES will have a blast playing Super Mario Brothers with characters from Contra, Castlevania, Megaman and many others. Super Mario Bouncer: Bounce Mario’s head through levels while collecting mushrooms. Super Mario Booble Boom: Use Mario to jump over enemies and get extra bonuses bouncing across the playground.


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