Revenge of Bowser Downloadable Game

Revenge of Bowser Downloadable Game

 Download The Revenge of Bowser Game

The Revenge of Bowser is another of the downloadable Mario games that is easy to play and a real blast from the past. Mario and Luigi join forces in this one to defeat Bowser. The controls are laid out for your use below, as well as the download link. This game is about 8 megabytes to download and is a free, full version legal Mario game in flash for you to use on your own computer. Click the image or link–Download Revenge of Bowser Game

Controls are as follows:
Shift: Jump/Enter Level/Title Screen Selection
Ctrl: Run/Pick things up.
Arrow keys: Move/Duck
Space bar: Let out your reserved item.
Enter: Pause/Unpause
F1: View This.
F2: Restart Game
F3: Full Screen + Resolution
F4: Full Screen
Optional Controls:
Z: Same as Control
X: Same as Shift
C: Same as Space Bar
Game Size:

8.22 Mb