Super Mario World Save Mario Download

save Mario download  Super Mario World Save Mario Download

Let Luigi or Peach try to save  Mario from a fate much worse than death in the Super Mario World Save Mario Game. Save Mario, a game by Angry Koopa, puts a new spin on the Mario World games.

Save Mario at the moment is about  six levels,  houses two bosses, and offers you a  a secret bonus game.

Bowser has taken off on vacation and he left Chuck in charge and Chuck is definitely charging. He and his ectoplasmic buddy Boo have taken charge and also… taken Mario. They kidnapped Mario and as Mario is usually our hero, who’s left to rescue him?

It’s all up to Peach and Luigi, to rescue Mario from the bad guys. Good thing Peach believes in taking matters into her own hands, because she’s not waiting around to let someone else rescue her man. Several nice levels and the entire game download is not quite three megabytes so its an easy load for you. Fast to set up and self explanatory controls which we’ve laid out for you here. DOWNLOAD SAVE MARIO GAME

Controls are as Follows:
arrows = move
X = jump
Z = shoot
F2 = restart game
F4 = full screen / windowed
Ctrl = pause
F9 = clear highscores
Backspace = load game
Enter = save game while touching Yoshi
Enter = skip intro
To enter the next level, press the Up arrow key while touching the brown double door to the next level.
Game Size:

2.48 Mb